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Pinch Me Release!

Gahhhhhhhh it’s FINALLY out!!! I can’t tell you how seriously excited I am to finally put the video out for my newest single “Pinch Me”. Pretty.Freaking.Excited. The video took 2 days to film, and months to edit, but I’m really happy to get this badboy out there and be able to have a visual to go along with the song! ūüôā Long blog post will begin¬†in 5….4….3…2…1.

“Pinch Me” is a weird one for me. It really started off as a true love song in my head. It’s about being so incredibly infatuated, that the line between dream vs. reality can get blurred. It’s about wanting to stay in whatever “fantasy world” includes the person you love, because you’re terrified of waking up without them. The concept¬†came about a little over 2 years ago, when I met this guy one night, who I fell head over heels for. But it was at a club (alas) – music blaring, smoke machines hazing everything, that the next day I couldn’t honestly remember what was real and what I was making up in my head. The next afternoon, I talked to my mom about it (always quite the adviser) and she told me that being in a setting like that – it’s hard to tell what could actually be a connection and not just imagination. Right after that convo, I started writing the song with my co-writer¬†Jordan Garner…and a couple hours later, “Pinch Me” was born.

When I worked with Director Chris Canucciari for the video concept, I pictured something light, airy, perhaps a field of sunflowers of some sort. He, however,¬†pictured the exact opposite – a haunted house, falling out of a window, and the theme of a never ending nightmare. We decided his take would definitely be a more unique¬†approach. (Plus, I would get¬†to throw multiple plates at a wall, and free fall onto a huge cushion from 30 feet in the air (homegirl can’t say no to that)). Even though the two¬†days of filming were a bit grueling, especially given the 20 degree temperature, lack of electricity, and my fear of heights, all in all it was an absolutely incredible experience.

(It took about 12¬†jumps¬†to master a semi¬†“graceful fall”)

Ever since I’ve pursued singing, music has constantly been the driving force to get myself¬†out of my comfort zone…from showing my face in YouTube videos, to writing my own music, to performing, and now to finally doing my own videos. People always say it’s all about the journey in life and not the destination. That we should focus on cherishing memories and moments, and follow the path¬†that makes us thrilled and thankful to be a part of this world.¬†Being able to film this video¬†and take a concept from my head, to pen and paper, and eventually to TV is absolutely insane to me. Regardless of the dollars I’ve spent, and¬†hundreds of¬†times I’ve wanted to give up – the thought of having people watch something that was once just a note in my iPhone¬†makes everything completely worthwhile. Thank you all for being so supportive and watching/sharing this video. It truly¬†means the world to me ‚̧

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